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TitleYou can find papers that contain certain topics in the title by using the t: or title: keywords. Usually you would specify topics inside quotes (e.g "pagerank", "ranking algorithms"), but if the topic is only one word, quotes can be omitted (e.g pagerank gives the same results of  "pagerank")When selecting multiple topics, you can define them between parenthesis in a set of topics separated by AND or OR.In the first scenario you can simply insert a space among topics.In the second scenario topics should be separated by using the keyword AND.
t:"web crawling"Papers that have the topic "web crawling" in the title.
t:bertPapers that have the word "bert" in their title.
t:("hardness of approximation" "np-hard" "heuristics")Papers that have at least one of the wanted topics in their title.
t:("word embeddings" AND "text classification")Papers that have both topics in their title.
AbstractFind papers that contain a certain topic or word in their abstract with the reserved keyword a: or abstract:.The keyword usage follows the same rules of t: and they can be combined together.
a:"women in tech"Papers that have the topic "women in tech" in their abstract.
a:("hadoop" OR "map reduce")Papers that have either "hadoop" or "map reduce" in their abstract
a:"pachyderm"^2 OR t:"docker"Papers that either have the word "pachyderm" in their abstract or "docker" in their title. In this scenario the word "pachyderm" is boosted
t:("deep web") -a:("crawling")Papers that contain "deep web" in their title and do not contain the word "crawling" in their abstract.
YearUse y: or year: to find papers published in a certain time range of year.You can use comparison expressions: >, <, >=, <= and =.In order to specify a range just specify two conditions divided by AND as in the example.
a:("social networks") AND -y:<=2015Results will show only papers containing the topic "social network" in their abstract and that are not published before 2015.
t:"machine learning" AND y:<=2020 AND y:>=2010Papers that contain the topic "machine learning" and are published between 2010 and 2020 (included).
CitationsUse c: or citations: to find papers with a specific number or range of citations. You can use the comparisons as in the y: keyword.In order to specify a range just specify two conditions divided by AND as in the example.
c:>=1 AND (t:"machine learning" OR a:"machine learning")Papers that contain "machine learning" and are cited at least once.
AuthorsUse au: or authors: keyword to specify a set of authors in your search.The keyword usage follows the same rules of t:, a: and ta: and they can be combined together.
au:("pierre flener") AND a:("constraint")Papers published by "Pierre Flener" that in the abstract contain the word "constraint"
au:("jon ander novella") AND y:>=2018All papers since 2018 that contain Jon Ander Novella as an author.
au:("sebastiano vigna" AND "paolo boldi")Papers that are have both Sebastiano Vigna and Paolo Boldi as authors.