Afraid of missing evidence while browsing medical datasets? We can help.

Full-text Search, Reference Management and Reporting. All in one platform designed for Pharmacovigilance.

PubMed and Pre-Prints
AI Deduplication
Automated Search Strategies
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Search Strategies

Generate search strategies with high-recall among 250M+ publications and medical data points.

Integratable Platform

Integrate with the tools your team uses. Simply synchronize the data and you are ready to go with no installations!

Reports & Audits

Write reports and submit data for audits with no headache: no duplicates & no manual-formatting citations. Perfectly inline with FDA/EMA specs.

AI Analytics

Explore trends, refine searches, and discover Key Opinion Leaders with an suite of AI search mining tools made specifically for you.

The product is already very efficient and I do believe it has a lot of potential for further development. Thank you for introducing me to PapersHive at this early stage!

Martin NorinChief Operating Officer at Kancera AB

Literature Surveillance for Pharmacovigilance

Monitor Literature and Adverse Effects.

✓ Monitor medical data & publications when performing Pharmacovigilance (PV) to never miss out on anything important.

✓ Save search strategies with high-recall & sensitivity.

✓ Find adverse effects and trends on any topic in seconds.

Imagine if you could perform Literature Surveillance in perfect automation among millions of different medical data points (Publications, Patents and Clinical Trials). Your Pharmacovigilance ready to be audited.

Check it out!

More Than Just a Reference Manager

Reference Management for Easy Reporting: FDA, EMA & Regulatory Affairs

✓ Automate removal of duplicates, grouping into folders and full-text searches.

✓ Write reports in teams in perfect synchronization with no need of installations.

✓ Kickstart directly by importing years of research from any tool directly into PapersHive (PubMed, MedLine, EndNote, Mendeley, Microsoft Word, etc.).

You can generate reports and manage millions of data points without the need of re-doing your work or thinking about managing duplicates or citation-formats. By using our MS Addon you will be FDA/EMA compliant from the start.

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Faster Drug-to-Market

AI with Regulatory Affairs audits at heart.

✓ Generate Search Strategies with high recall & precision that you can easily validate during a RA audit.

✓ Bias Removal and no personalisation: same searches will bring the same results.

✓ Extract trends, drugs, and companies directly from your library.

You can submit your reports, search strategies and findings to audits. Everything in PapersHive is perfectly documented and reproducible.

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