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What is PapersHive?

PapersHive is an intelligence platform with all the software, integrations and resources you need to find medical data and extract evidence to speed up your drug launches and medical devices launches. A search engine, a reference manager, and an AI text extraction tool, all in one.


An easy search engine that consolidates PubMed, PubMedCentral, Preprints, Clinical Trials Registers and worldwide Patents into one.

Full-Text Search

Multiplatform Alerts

Updated Daily


An AI Reference Manager that prevents duplicates and automatically obtains PDFs. Designed for teams and integrated with Mendeley, EndNote, Citavi and Zotero.

Microsoft Word

Duplicates Prevention

Automatic PDF download


Find drugs, chemicals, MeSH, Key Opinion Leaders, and more from any search. Extracted in real time from validated medical data.

Kol/Drugs/MeSH Analytics

Search Generations

Automatic Reporting

Kancera Martin Norin

Case Study

How Kancera saved time with PapersHive Biomedical Search.

Learn how Kancera uses PapersHive to solve sharing knowledge within teams, simplify the scientific processes and find what is relevant quickly and accurately among 250 million publications.

Cinclus Pharma Elham Yekteai

Case Study

How Cinclus Pharma ensured searchability of references with PapersHive for GER...

Cinclus Pharma started using PapersHive centralizing search (PubMed and Clinical Trials), reference ...

Saba Khan LCG

Case Study

How Lab Consultancy Group went from days of research to minutes without losing...

Lab Consultancy Group (LCG) is a British company providing scientific consulting. They used to spend...

Norwin Zuidema

Case Study

Norwin massively reduced time spent on searching literature with PapersHive.

– It is much more intuitive than most other I’ve used, more likely to “think” in a way a human woul...


More hits than PubMed


Data Points Updated Daily


Duplicates Prevented


Hours Saved per Scientist


Cash Released Yearly on Average


Less Time Invested

in Medical Data

Why use PapersHive?

You can unlock insights and analytics of millions of references to share within your organization. With PapersHive you combine the power of multiple consolidated medical databases, a reference manager and AI analytics in a single source. And you finish your submission ahead of time.

Drug Safety

Pharmacovigilance automation software to help you monitor adverse effects, manage alerts and searches, synchronize with your team and export reports in Excel/PDF.

Create Multiple Alerts

Validated Sources


Medical Writer

Simplify complex research and get to insights in seconds. With an AI Database on top of life science trends and data, you can effortlessly adhere to regulations, and meet deadlines with ease.

8 Medical Databases

MS Word Reference Manager

MeSH and Drug Text Extraction

R&D / Pharma Scientist

Stay ahead of the curve. With a transparent AI that summarizes your searches, you always know the state of the art of a disease, treatment and competition.

AI Trends

References, Patents and Trials

Teams & MS Word Synchronization

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