Accelerate your Research Pipeline.

PapersHive is an AI-Reference Manager and a Full-text Search Engine. A Search & Analytics platform that addresses the stages of the research pipeline.

Reduce Time with AI

Use our AI tools to automate tedious tasks: group your papers, mine for new keywords, search the paper's full content, and never have duplicates in your library.

Stay Organised

Designed for Teams: share your library with your peers, highlight and comment together – you will never miss an update from your team again!

Find the Right Content

Search over 250 millions of papers: browse authors, journals and open access publications.

Enjoy Simplicity

No installations involved. Just create an account and start your research or import from your current reference manager.

Reference directly

Use with MS Word! – Write and insert directly.

PapersHive is now integratable with MS Word. Insert references directly into your document from your PapersHive collections.

A great reference handler will integrate easily with the tool you use for writing. There should be no extra step for inserting your references. Therefore we introduce PapersHive for MS Word – A tool for inserting references directly into your document.

AI for Research

Skim, Search, Analyze – for faster understanding.

One of the great challenges in research is organising previous knowledge in a systematic way that helps you retrieve the correct information in the right time. PapersHive aims towards fixing this issue.

With intelligent Full-text Search and AI Keyword detection you can quickly find interesting parts of your documents or group them together based on similar content.

You can upload PDF-documents or import collections from previous reference software. Our AI automatically detects and prevents duplicates in your collections, and enriches your uploads with missing metadata.

Collaboration is key

Notes, sharing and organising a natural part of work.

PapersHive is collaborative by design. Sharing your collection with your peers means that you can all read, highlight and comment the same papers, always up-to-date and safe.

You can also add keywords for fast retrieval, so you can find them through filtering.

Groovy Search Engineh

From your Search to your Library – Instantly.

At your disposal you have a full-text distributed search engine, that will let you search over 200m+ papers in a moment.

AI-Keyword Miner: Find the content you are looking for by getting query suggestions that narrow down the scope of your search.

Save any paper found with our engine directly into your libraries through a simple and intuitive design.

Check it out!