Accelerate your Research Pipeline.

PapersHive is a Next-Gen R&D tool for Reference Managing, Literature Surveillance and MedTech Analytics. Streamline your workflow all in a single platform.

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Search & Save

Search across 250 million publications and enjoy one-click download directly to your library.

Enjoy Simplicity - MS Word

Connect your library with Microsoft Word Addon for any technical writing.

Stay Organised

Designed for Teams: share your library with your peers, highlight and comment together – you will never miss an update from your team again!

AI Analytics

Explore trends, refine searches, and discover Key Opinion Leaders with an suite of AI search mining tools made specifically for you.

Literature Surveillance for Pharmacovigilance

Monitor Literature and Drug Discovery.

✓ Monitor new publications and keep an eye on the market.

✓ Generate search-strategies with high recall & sensitivity.

✓ Search and Analyze drug reaction, toxicity and interaction on different datasets.

Imagine if you could perform the above with the help of automation on millions of publications in seconds. Your Literature Search for Pharmacovigilance ready to be inspected and audited.

Check it out!

More Than Just a Reference Manager

Manage your References in a smarter way.

✓ Automate removal of duplicates, grouping into folders and full-text searches.

✓ Kickstart directly by importing years of research from any other Reference Manager or your own computer: DOI, PDF, Bibtek, EndNote and many other integrations.

✓ Reduce time wasted by highlighting patterns & trends with a suite of AI tools.

Manage easily references from any Browser or directly in your Microsoft Word ready to be shipped to a Regulatory Authority.

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Strenghten Sales & Marketing

Strenghten Sales & Marketing.

✓ Build relationships with health professionals by identifying Key Opinion Leaders

✓ Mine millions of publications, patents and trials to increase your lead generation, achieve sales targets, and connect with medical professionals.

✓ Share such insights with your team and take your business to the next level.

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Reference directly

Use with MS Word! – Write and insert directly.

PapersHive is now integratable with MS Word. Insert references directly into your document from your PapersHive collections.

A great reference handler will integrate easily with the tool you use for writing. There should be no extra step for inserting your references. Therefore we introduce PapersHive for MS Word – A tool for inserting references directly into your document.